We believe that everyone is born with an intrinsic drive to make the most of their journey. The young unfettered mind allows us to easily and boldly believe in ourselves and shamelessly voice our truths: “I’ll be president, a doctor, an astronaut, all three!”

Yet just as adult life offers gifts of hindsight and wisdom, it can likewise become a callus over your boldness. Big Ideas become the stuff of other peoples’ lives.

We believe that if every individual could live a life of abundance by catalyzing their Big Idea into a space of influence – they would do so. And we believe that the potential for getting there is a unique combination of having a Thinking Partner and a Big Idea Lab.

By engaging in a coaching relationship – a Thinking Partnership that’s highly intentional, safe and well facilitated – that space alone unlocks direct access to your fuel source. It’s not only alright to explore and test your Big Idea, it’s why we’re here.

Likewise, we create and sustain an environment – what we call your Big Idea Lab – in which we continually draw out, test and refine both your Big Idea and the true calling of that idea. With purpose in plain sight and influence at the ready, you have indeed claimed your flame.