Coming into this phase, your internal fuel source is keenly calibrated and you are firmly in control of its gauge. All of this previous heavy-lifting sets the stage for us to actionize your Big Idea.

Clarity fuels your courage as together we co-create your action plan. You’ll find yourself thinking from the space of your Big Idea and living it simultaneously. The alignment of purpose, passion and influence – your Right Livelihood – makes execution both tangible and results-driven.

Meanwhile, the act of living in your Big Idea and driving it simultaneously turns the gauge on your internal fuel source to extra high. Measurable results unfold in front of you. For some, results are defined by business growth and profitability. For others, they’re defined by clarity and influence – for an individual or a family system. In all cases, you’ll have a clear sense of arrival; of having Oceanized Your Influence.

You’ll also begin to see that Claim Your Flame is a recurring and regenerative cycle. That all the momentum we’ve harnessed so far finds you fired up to push farther and deeper, indeed to Remix Your Magic, increasing the specificity and reach of your Big Idea.