If you’re a second-, third- or even fourth-generation member of a self-made family, life holds a unique set of challenges. From the outside world looking in, it all appears easy, even dazzling. In reality, the bright light of the family’s financial success can cast a persistent shadow over your own light.

As adults, we naturally frame our life aspirations in the context of what we saw and experienced growing up. However, for those of us who grew up in a family where a parent or grandparent achieved tremendous financial success, that framework is replaced by an unreachable bar. The idea space around us is so big; it’s as if the money and the success were actual people seated at our family dinner table.

In our experience, every individual has a Big Idea inside of them. The flicker of greatness is there, ready to flourish. It just needs the oxygen of invitation. In our process, we first help you learn who you are separate from the money story of the family. Ironically, by separating your self-identity from the family-identity, you’ll actually find greater support from and connection to your family over time.

Our Thinking Partnership helps you to capture the sparks of aspiration that already exist within you. We guide you to discover, refine and connect with your natural talents and wisdom.

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Client Testimonial

"When Kristin and I first engaged in coaching I felt stuck and frustrated. I had a dream of creating a non-profit organization, but trying to honor my multiple roles as a family member, employee, and owner in our five-generation family business left me with little energy to give my envisioned non-profit a life. Through our work together, I have gotten clear on which “hats” I want to wear in the family business, and I’ve begun to quiet the “noise” that comes with having family money. As a result, I’m defining how I can be a thriving contributor to the family business, while still following my individual dream. I’m now the Executive Director of a youth-focused non-profit. I smile at myself – and the world – more, and I feel alive as I continue to courageously take action on my dream."

Lacey Books—Executive Director, Social Entrepreneur