We believe that every individual is born with a Big Idea flickering within. Many of the business people to whom we’re referred have grappled with this for the better part of adulthood. They have a sense that there’s a bigger purpose to who and what they’re meant to be in the world. Yet even for really big thinkers, the culture of American commerce is more likely to squelch your Bigness than welcome it.

If you do get to explore it – in the privacy of your own thinking, or in certain relationships – practicality pulls at your heart strings. Responsibility snaps a big rubber band around your creativity. We can’t take big risks because we have to support our families. It’s not possible to live your purpose and earn well simultaneously. Without even realizing it, society loads a bunch of rocks into your intellectual backpack. Almost by default, we succumb to the habits, rituals and stories surrounding the sheer impossibility of living from your Big Idea.

In contrast, our process helps you create the space and the environment to fully explore your Big Idea without judgment. Some sense they have a Big Idea and haven’t defined it. And others know it’s there, but they don’t know how to bring it into the bright light of impact and commerce.

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Client Testimonial

"When I launched my professional coaching and strategic facilitation business, it was the first time I had ventured out completely on my own. Working with Kristin has provided an excellent return on my investment – she is a fantastic thinking partner with whom I’ve been able to explore my strategy and get a broader perspective, all while receiving her encouragement along the way. I’ve made more money this year than any other year in my life and I’ve never been more professionally fulfilled or had so much fun. My work with Kristin gave me the confidence and encouragement to pursue my strategy."

John Wittry—Co-founder, HPT Consulting Group