"I started working with Kristin to help refine the skills and mindsets essential for a successful CEO as well as establish time boundaries in my professional life to ensure I had balance in my work, my spirituality, my family and friends, and my health and fitness. In working with Kristin, I not only developed additional skills as a business leader, I also have a structure in place to be intentional with my time and energy instead of letting the happenings of the day take over. I have moved from working hard to working smart and continue to see both my business and my family thrive."

Paul Books—President, Palisade Partners

"When I launched my professional coaching and strategic facilitation business, it was the first time I had ventured out completely on my own. Working with Kristin has provided an excellent return on my investment – she is a fantastic thinking partner with whom I’ve been able to explore my strategy and get a broader perspective, all while receiving her encouragement along the way. I’ve made more money this year than any other year in my life and I’ve never been more professionally fulfilled or had so much fun. My work with Kristin gave me the confidence and encouragement to pursue my strategy."

John Wittry—Co-founder, HPT Consulting Group

"In 2015 I navigated several significant personal and business changes (we lovingly called these “cauldrons of chaos”.) Working with Kristin and our Business Mastery Group was amazing. It provided the exact support I needed at the exact right time, enabling me to lean into and leverage the challenges I was facing. I am so much clearer on my priorities, and my life – both personally and professionally – is stronger, happier and healthier…. And this is all in a year of continued growth in my business."

Chad Williams—CEO, Rockhaven, LLC

"Working with Kristin helped me go from surviving to thriving. When I hired her, I was in reaction mode – just trying to stay afloat. Kristin invited me into her Big Idea Lab where we got to unpack and clarify my own thinking, separate from the noise around me. We used our thinking partnership to take the bold vision of my work and life and break it into small steps to get there. It astounds me that I’ve created the vision of my thriving life in such a short time. And what’s even better is that not only is my family thriving, but my business is too."

Skip Wehner—COO, Pinnacle Capital Partners

"When Kristin and I first engaged in coaching I felt stuck and frustrated. I had a dream of creating a non-profit organization, but trying to honor my multiple roles as a family member, employee, and owner in our five-generation family business left me with little energy to give my envisioned non-profit a life. Through our work together, I have gotten clear on which “hats” I want to wear in the family business, and I’ve begun to quiet the “noise” that comes with having family money. As a result, I’m defining how I can be a thriving contributor to the family business, while still following my individual dream. I’m now the Executive Director of a youth-focused non-profit. I smile at myself – and the world – more, and I feel alive as I continue to courageously take action on my dream."

Lacey Books—Executive Director, Social Entrepreneur

"As a monk just returning to the Western culture, I launched into the business world without any business experience. I had no compass and no path. Kristin oriented me so that I knew how to organize my business priorities, how to reach out to clients, and how to present my work. I now have confidence in my offerings and a deep alignment between my values, my work, and my impact.  This brings me great joy.  I’m even finding I can earn well while offering solutions that transform people’s lives.  What fun for a monk + businessman."

Greg Burdulis—Founder, The Power of Presence

"Kristin is one of the most progressive thinkers in the area of wealth transfer. She does incredible work helping our clients and client families dream their biggest dreams and match their purpose and passion with the use of their wealth."

Barbara Culver—Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Practical Estate Planning

"I’ve worked with Kristin with many families of wealth and have found her unique approach and skill set to be extremely valuable.  She easily engages across multiple generations, is a skilled and deep listener, and is one of the most collaborative people I’ve ever met.  As a result , she meets families where they are at and develops a customized solution to meet the specific needs of the family. The tools she uses opens up her clients’ minds to see things from a new perspective, to develop a greater awareness of who they are and what their strengths are, to build an awareness of how special the other members of the family are, and to develop an enhanced ability to communicate and work together."

Tim Belber—JD, AEP, Family Advisor