• When people come to us, they hold a belief – either flickering or powerful – that there is a deeper purpose within. For some it’s the sense that their own life’s work is meant to shine more powerfully in the lives of their clients, stakeholders and customers. While things are great, there’s something bigger just around the corner.

  • For others, it’s about claiming their potential for influence – a creative talent, a family system or a philanthropic cause.

  • In both camps, people come into our world somewhere on a continuum of clarity. Some have a Big Idea they believe is indeed Big. Others hold hope for discovering their Big Idea in the first place.

  • We believe there is a Big Idea inside of every individual, entrepreneur and family. We know that given the right partner and the right process, your purpose comes blazing through, and your passion illuminates your path.

Claim Your Flame
image-flame-diagram Mix Your Magic Oceanize Your Influence Concretize Your Why

Right-fit Clients


Our work is founded on the fundamental knowledge that doing big work in the world, and doing well financially, are actually mutual catalysts, not mutually exclusive.

Next Gen Leaders

From within the safety of our Big Idea Lab, you’ll begin to recognize the power of your own thinking.

Affluent Families

Wealth is a magnifying glass on top of normal family dynamics. It can become a wedge that works its way into relationships, or a ladder for self-leadership.

About Kristin


Kristin Keffeler, MSM, is the founder and owner of illumination360. She is an advisor and certified professional coach with specializations in business design, human motivation and behavioral change, family dynamics, and the ‘inner work’ of money.

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